The Chicago Academy of Music a Conservatory

The Chicago Academy of Music Conservatory offers exceptional musical training to both children and adults throughout the city. The unique curriculum and pedagogy allows highly accomplished professional musicians to share their extraordinary talents with both gifted and beginner students in the city. Simply put, we are prodigy finders!

CAM has found enormous success in employing Master professionals to inspire their students’ musical, cultural, academic and social growth. Those students able to participate at higher levels will in turn reflect the gift they received.  The goal of CAM is to nurture and activate a desire for excellence in every student. This is done through individual instruction, extraordinary live performances, workshop forums and ensembles.

Our mission is to transform the student into a globally conscious cultural citizen with developed skills. The study and performance of music brings heightened values and the ability to pursue excellence in every aspect of life.

Donate to CAM

Do you or anyone you know have an instrument collecting dust? Do you have a piano you have been planning to sell or give away for many years? Please donate your instruments to CAM for the benefit of its students! Your instrument donation is completely tax deductible and will make a difference in our community.



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